Welcome Back Holiday Tradition!

*Freshly Topped White Firs * Freshly Cut Noble Firs * Handcrafted Wreaths * Holiday Goodies!

We offer our specialty white fir trees starting from 3 ft up to 18 ft tall.  Trees over 14 ft are also available, but must be pre-ordered.

We also handcraft our classic wreaths, swags, arrangements, and garlands right onsite.

All of our trees are fresh-cut, and the white fir trees are only the tops of mature tall trees.  Never is a tree killed in order to produce our Christmas trees.  This process is labor intensive, but we carry on the tradition of Mike Mushet, and it always was his wish to keep our forest regenerating for future generations to come.  We always do our best to be environmentally correct.

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Opening the day after Thanksgiving!

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All Trees local grown topped or cut (not a “cut it yourself” farm)

Serving all our great friends and families in San Diego County, Imperial County, and all the Southland!

A quick update on our family…

2018 has been another great year for the Kelly family as we are striving to get ahead in the daily grind so we can commit more time to the Christmas Tree Ranch during the holidays. Christmas tree life is the only kind we’ve ever known and we love taking time during this season to continue our 71 year family tradition!

Oldest son Bruce and wife Jessica are enjoying their three beautiful children Bailey(5), Blaire(3), and Grant(1) living up in San Bernardino County. Bruce is still working as a railroad traffic controller but on his off time they take any opportunity to go camping and explore the outdoors with their kiddos.

Second son Philip and wife Sarah are busy with their two sons Deacon(2) and Emmett (1) enjoying life in the mountains living locally in Julian. Philip ended his decade long career with the Marine Corps in late January but is excited to dedicate more time to his civilian career as a contractor.

Our next son Keith spent the year furthering his career as a hot shot squad leader for the Six Rivers National Forest. Keith ran his first marathon this year with an awesome time of 3:56:18, holy cow!

Youngest son Mike has also been living in Julian working to update the Christmas Tree Ranch in his off time from work.

Ed and Denise are busy being Chief and Mamaw to all 5 grandchildren working hard throughout the year to take some time to slow things down and enjoy their customers during the tree season.


Located at 1464 CA Hwy. 78, Julian, CA (Just East of ST 79)

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